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On Tap

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Pilsner - 4.5% ABV - 19.3 IBU

A light continental lager with floral hop aroma.

Corny Uncle

Cerveza - 4.5% ABV - 21 IBU

Very light bodied Mexican lager, with a very dry finish.



Witbier - 5.25% ABV - 17 IBU

Light and citrusy with clementine and coriander.

Barrel Aged

Lost Barrels Lot #13

Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout - 8%ABV - 28 IBU

Smooth and rich with hints of toasted coconut. Aged in A. Smith Bowman Bourbon Oak Barrels.

A Pleasant Country

Rye Barrel Aged Belgian Dubbel - 8%ABV

Hints of stone fruit with very subtle phenolics. Aged in Baltimore Spirit Company Rye Barrels.

Summer Storm

Rum Barrel Aged English Style Pub Ale - 8.1% ABV

Brewed with 90 lbs of fresh ginger. Aged in Appelton Rum Barrels.


Southern Exposure

Alcoholic Seltzer Water - 4.1% ABV - 0 IBU

Brewed with fresh oranges and tangerines.

Ambers, Browns, & Darks


Stout - 6.6% ABV - 28 IBU

Toasted and creamy with hints of raisin and chocolate. *On Nitro*

Ales & IPAs

Cupola Cream Ale

Cream Ale - 3% ABV

Smooth, creamy mouth feel with a light malt finish. *On Nitro*


IPA - 7% ABV - 46.5 IBU

Hints of grapefruit and mild bitterness.


American Pale Ale - 5% ABV - 51 IBU

All citra dry hopped. Gold medal winner at the MD Craft Beer Competition 2018.

Yellow Finch

English Summer Ale - 5% ABV

Brewed with fresh lemons and fermented on fresh lemon zest.

Bet the Farm

American Pale Ale - 5.1% ABV

Papaa and guava flavors with a malty dry finish.

Morning Ride

Belgian IPA - 7.3% ABV

Brewed with Denali, Southern Passion, and Vic Secret hops. A collaboration with our friends at Independent Brewing Co. in Bel Air, MD.