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Margherita - $13.50

mozzarella, romano, basil, BBF tomato sauce.

Italian White - $16.50

spinach, pancetta, mushrooms, onions, BBF alfredo sauce 

Skinny BBF - $16.50

fresh spinach, feta, campari tomatoes, balsamic glaze, BBF tomato sauce

Veggie Lover - $15.50

spinach, sweet onions, mushrooms, suntan peppers, BBF tomato sauce

Boarman's Butcher - $16.50

local sausage, BBF tomato sauce

Pepperoni - $13.50

BBF tomato sauce


Hummus Board - $9.50

Served with warm pita, bell peppers, English cucumbers, and BBF feta dip.

Pimento Cheese Spread - $8.25

Served with warm baguette.

Garlic Parmesan Pretzels - $10.50

3 pretzels served with mustard and housemade marinara sauce.

Pretzels, Beer Cheese, & Mustard - $10.50

Warm soft pretzels served with mustard, and beer cheese made with our Corny Uncle.

Horseradish White Cheddar Spread - $8.25

Served with crispy pretzel rods.


Available Friday - Sunday

BBQ Chicken Sliders - $10.00

4 mini sandwiches with chicken in homemade BBQ sauce

Chicken Salad Sliders - $10.00

4 mini sandwiches with homemade chicken salad