From our Head Brewer Kenny Borkmann:

Wintry Mix, 16 Bar Stools & Drinkin’ Buddies

Wintry Mix

In 2017, we tried our hand at a dessert stout that resulted in a gold medal in 2018 for experimental beers in the Maryland Craft Brewers Competition, our Flexible Flyer. The following year, in 2019, we tried another dessert-like beer, on the opposite end of the spectrum - something light, yet cookie-like (without harming any actual cookies, that is). We opted on an American classic - the Cream Ale. We ferment with a common American strain of ale yeast at lower temperatures to help create the mouthfeel we’re looking for in a rich, yet light type of cookie-esque beer. After fermentation has completed, we then add a blend of freshly roasted grains to the brite tank, along with vanilla, and cinnamon. The result takes me back to my grandma’s house after coming home from watching holiday plays at EVT, (where my grandpa was head of the drama department at the time). This beer has been a ton of fun to make, and create, and I look forward to adding another addition to this cookie series, this upcoming winter season.

16 Bar Stools

Our Belgian Tripel has always been a fun beer to craft, as the yeast is king of character for this style. Roughly 2-4 days into active fermentation, we will add to the fermenter a significant amount of Belgian Candi Syrup (sucrose that is extracted from sweet beets), to encourage the yeast to produce notes of plum and stone fruits. After piping in the candi syrup, we will allow fermentation to free-rise to almost 85 degrees in order to grasp that Belgian-funk, known only to true, traditional strains of Belgian yeasts. Our 16 Bar Stools is always a favorite of mine during the winter months. It’s a great blood warming beer for settling down by the fireplace, after coming in from the cold, wet weather Maryland is known for in the winter months. With a medium body and pale color, notes of plum, cherries, and stone fruits come through on the aromatics, while the flavor lends itself of something of the tune of bread, honey, and citrus, with a touch of the Belgian yeast character. If anyone is curious of the name, drop by the brewery and myself or the staff will be happy to share!

Drinkin’ Buddies

This beer was a ton of fun to create with our drinkin’ buddies. Every other month, or sometimes quarterly, a few of us get together for a beer share and will imbibe in hazy IPA’s from all over the country, as well as various other styles of beer. With the influx of popularity of the style, we wanted to develop something that we found in some of the better examples of the style out there. The velvety mouthfeel comes from the high concentration of white wheat malt and flaked oats, in conjunction with the water profile we’d chosen for this beer specifically. Quite pale in color, the aromas of fresh blueberries and apricots come through intensely atop a white foam, with big apricot and subtle blueberry in the flavor, and almost an umami finish. Always a favorite amongst our staff and even their drinkin’ buddies, I hope this can be a solid addition to you and yours, as when in the warm company of good friends, there’s nothing better than to share a great beer!

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